proteome-wide prediction of protein and ligand binding sites

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HOMOLOBIND identifies residues in protein sequences with significant similarity to structurally characterized binding sites. It transfers binding sites from LIGBASE (http://salilab.org/ligbase) and PIBASE (http://fredpdavis.com/pibase) through ASTRAL/ASTEROIDS (http://astral.berkeley.edu) alignments onto SUPERFAMILY (http://supfam.org) domain assignments.

The homology transfer procedure predicts residues in ligand and protein binding sites with estimated true positive rates of 98% and 88%, respectively, at 1% false positive rates.

This release is based on the SCOP v1.73 domain classification.

NOTE: HOMOLOBIND is maintained here for archiving purposes. The databases that HOMOLOBIND depends on have dramatically changed or stopped development.

HOMOLOBIND predictions for several species are archived at Zenodo: https://zenodo.org/record/29597


Proteome-wide prediction of overlapping protein and ligand binding sites using structure.
Davis FP. Molecular Biosystems (2011) 7: 545-557.

HOMOLOBIND uses data from the following sources: